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The Stillwater Literacy Council provides confidential, free tutoring to adults in Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language. The Literacy Council is a non-profit organization serving Stillwater. Residents of communities within a twenty mile radius of Stillwater may also be eligible. The Stillwater Literacy Council tutoring may address such areas as reading, writing, spelling and conversation, as well as life skills, family, health, and workplace literacy issues. We have a wide variety of classes and tutor schedules to meet students' needs and time schedules. If you or someone you know could benefit from tutoring in reading, writing, or English skills we are here to help. For assistance e-mail us at stillwaterliteracycouncil@gmail.com , or call at (405) 372-2144.

Volunteer Tutors Needed

Become a literacy volunteer and experience the joy of helping others. Tutoring an hour a week can make a difference for someone who needs Reading or English skills. Free training, materials and support are provided for tutors. Call or email the Stillwater Literacy Council today.

Services Offered

The Stillwater Literacy Council offers Basic Literacy tutoring, including preparation for GED. Tutoring for English as a Second Language is offered through the Council. Students receive one-on-one tutoring from our volunteer tutors. Classes meet at the Stillwater Public Library, room 102. Classes may, also, be conducted at local churches and businesses.

Our History

Stillwater Literacy Council History. The Stillwater Literacy Council was established in 1979. The office for the Literacy Council was originally located at Action, Inc. The office was moved to the Stillwater Public Library in 1995, where it is today. The Council is a member of the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition. Funding is obtained by grants from Oklahoma Department of Libraries and Stillwater United Way. Plus, donations from local businesses and citizens. The Council is governed by a Advisory Board that was formed in 1996. Meetings for the council are held each second Monday of the month at 6:00 pm , room 102, Stillwater Public Library. Meetings are open to the public. New board members are welcomed. The Stillwater Literacy Council offers tutoring in Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language. We have many individual tutoring sessions, plus group tutoring classes. Classes are held at the Literacy office and Family Resources Center located on the campus of Oklahoma State University. Classes may, also, be located at various churches and business locations. We currently have 30+ active tutors working with 100+ students.

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Mailing Addresss:
PO Box 1341
Stillwater, OK 74076

(405) 372-2144